Innovation & Best Practices

Embracing Change with Digital Advancements

Reimaging the workspace and digitizing the facilities is the need of the hour. With heightened focus on workplace safety, Compass Group India has launched its one-stop solutioning module– Saarthi FX, keeping in mind the evolved consumer needs.








Robotic Tool Based Services

We offer robotic vacuum cleaners that are convenient to use with enhanced safety and security. There is a real time tracking with live feed through the built-in cameras for better accountability and transparency in work.

Automation & IT Enabled Services

Automated and virtual services can help improve efficiency and have positive impact on business productivity. These services include powerful tools that can help scale a business and promote cost optimization. Automated cloud operations leads to fewer errors and faster operations.









Compass Asset Management Framework

Compass Group has an established framework of processes and methodologies for managing it’s client assets. It is compliant with ISO 55001, new global standard for asset management and sets out guidelines for technical maintenance and asset life cycle management.