Sustainability Services

Activities like building construction, operation and maintenance impacts the environment. This is where our sustainable design solutions take the limelight. It aims at reducing negative impacts to the environment and balances the functional requirements with imparted techniques. We work closely with our clients to transform operations, drive growth and reach their sustainability goals.

Energy Management Services

In the building industry, energy conservation and optimization are challenging and a strategic business objective for all building managers and asset owners. To address this, we at Compass Group India, help our customers in identifying, tracking, monitoring and conserving energy in a sustainable manner.

How do we do it?

We have a team of dedicated certified energy managers and auditors on board with a thorough industry experience and exposure who diligently work towards devising the ways to reduce your energy consumption effectively and intelligently.

• Data Collection
• Energy Assessment & Management
• Energy & Cost Data Analysis
• Implementation of Savings Measures

Water Management

Our team of experts assess existing water consumption and requirement of the facility, identify gaps of water wastage, identify location of water consumption measurement and thereafter suggest ways to optimize water consumption. Solutions Offered-
• No wastage of condensate water
• Reduction of raw water consumption
• No more resource depletion

Waste Management

We provide consultation to our clients for various viable waste management solutions, disposal, recycling etc. We manage all kinds of waste ranging from organic, solid, fit-out waste and debris from Commercial & Residential Buildings. We ensure proper disposal & processing of the waste collected by composting, vermicomposting, anaerobic digestion and so on. We ensure Garbage bag and container color coding with daily documentation & waste record for better management.

Green Building

Green building certification assess a building or a construction project’s performance from a sustainability and environmental perspective. There is a plethora of standards, certification and rating programs that help document and demonstrate one’s efforts in delivering sustainable buildings. Compass Group India facilitates its clients for Online Project Registration with IGBC and score credit ratings as per achievements.

Indoor Air Quality

Our team of experts are trained in carrying out indoor air quality (also called “indoor environmental quality”) test to identify the content of unwanted gases indoor such as carbon dioxide (co2), bacteria & molds, volatile organic compounds and humidity and offer optimized solutions.

Renewable Energy Projects

Renewable energy is the only source of energy that will never exhaust. It is a growing field and new projects keep adding on to it. Compass Group India offers updated renewable power generation projects and help its clients install solar panels to fulfil their energy needs.