Upkeep and Hygiene Solutions

Compass Workplace Hygiene Program (CwHP)

Compass Group India uses an innovative method of Green cleaning to clean and increase the hygiene level through destruction of microbiological growth. It is safer for workforce and incurs no extra cost in the long run. The quality of cleaning is measured as per ISSA standards-the worldwide cleaning industry association.

Workplace Hygiene

  • Workstation, Production, Circulation & Breakout area Hygiene
    Good Housekeeping and clean environment improves productivity and motivation of employees. We ensure that your workplace remains dust, dirt and germs free. Our staff is regularly trained on housekeeping, operation of equipment, usage of chemicals etc.
  • Washroom Hygiene & Pest control
    A pest-free facility is as crucial as the daily cleaning services to achieve a perfect balance between hygiene and cleanliness. And our team armed with rodent & pest control techniques and latest disinfectants fights a variety of pests to ensure your facility remains healthy and vivacious
  • Carpet Shampooing, Chair / Sofa Cleaning
    Prioritizing the health of our employees and clients, we use state-of-the-art equipment to clean the carpets and seating for a long-lasting impact
  • Minor office Refurbishment and Repairs
    Renewal or replacement of broken parts, keeping the existing structure intact, we provide services like minor repairs and refurbishment to ensure the safety of buildings for smooth operations.

Indoor Environmental Quality

Our team of experts are trained in carrying out Indoor air quality (also called “indoor environmental quality”) test to identify the content of unwanted gases indoor such as carbon dioxide (co2), bacteria & molds, volatile organic compounds and humidity and offer optimized solutions like:

  • HVAC Infection Prevention
    Keeping up the system running, enabling reliable and efficient services
  • Indoor Environment Disinfection Methodologies
    Adapting to modern technology for a safer workplace environment and enhanced employee productivity and wellness