Project Management Solutions

Managing resources through various methodologies, keeping in mind the design specifications and project build.

Our onboard dedicated team of multi-skilled experts plan and execute both interior and exterior civil work requirements, undertake repair work for existing system equipment in the facilities.

We also well-versed in retro fitting jobs like addition of new technology or features to older systems, for example:
Chiller plant retro fit, improving plant efficiency / increasing output.

Our objective is to produce a complete project plan and execute it to comply with the client’s objectives. Our onboard dedicated team has delivered multiple successful projects at client locations:

  • System upgradation & installation of system for efficiency improvements
  • Refurbishment of office spaces & alteration in the existing infrastructure
  • Solar plant installation
  • Chilled water line replacement
  • Installation of new captive power plants and acrylic desk panel
  • Replacement of power back-up systems and office renovations
  • Renovation of washrooms including contactless tap modification