Workplace Hygiene

Compass Group India is the first one to launch an innovative way to cleaning and increasing hygiene levels through destruction of microbiological growth. Moving from traditional cleaning where cotton mops are used along with adequate amount of water and chemicals, we have switched to Green cleaning which is eco-friendly and more sustainable in nature.

Our conventional cleaning method brings down the microbial growth and surfaces reach from ‘very clean’ to ‘ultra clean level’ leaving a hygienically clean surface. This innovative method has higher durability, removes odour, comes with superior microbe removal capability and is the safest for workplaces. Our team of experts also have new-age equipment to measure the active or growing microorganisms to ensure maximum cleanliness and safety.

Workplace Hygiene

Developing good hygiene practices, promoting positive cleanliness and reducing the risk of ill-health and injuries is what our solutions cater to. Compass believes in improving productivity and keeping the consumers and organizations safe. We support our clients as per their requirement and device a cleaner and greener regime for their facilities.

Electrostatic Surface Protection Barrier

Electrostatic Surface Barrier Protection technology has been a successful innovation for decades and can completely cover even the most hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Making cleaning easier and convenient, this method creates a durable barrier against bacteria and virus.

It is an invisible, odorless, non-leaching and effective layer which is applied via electrostatic spraying system to create a submicroscopic molecular coating on the surface. It can cover high-traffic areas and reach places that no other disinfecting tool can. The spray dries out on its own hence, is touch-less. The non-toxic, biodegradable formula provides antimicrobial protection for months.

Our team aims to reduce complexity in our processes and adopt practices that better suit the needs of our clients. Having clear, simple processes that everyone can follow easily is key to getting it right. It is essential that every supplier we buy from complies with our rigorous quality and safety standards.

Compass India strives to keep its customers and clients safe and protected. Your safety is our priority!

Microbial Disinfection

For undertaking microbial disinfection at client premises, we use fumigation technique. This procedure involves three hours of disinfectant spraying followed by normal cleaning to remove post ventilation stains. It is mostly done on a daily basis to ensure maximum efficiency.

Bactakleen Ultra Mist Herbal Formula

This formula is a herbal preparation that is capable of deep penetration at areas like AC ducts, cracks & crevices. This invisible, odourless, non-hazardous anti-microbial chemical is easy and convenient to use. It has the capability of killing more than 97% microorganisms and stop bacterial, viral and fungal contamination. The best part about this formula is it remains active on the surface for minimum 2 months after application.