Business Support Services

We have considerable expertise in offering business services that are essential for smooth operations. We offer solutions in the following service areas:

Facility Helpdesk & Front Office Management

We manage front office operations by welcoming the guests, providing information services, receiving and processing reservations, filling of the arrival and departure register, dealing with complaints and handling them, communication and coordination with other departments.

Pantry Services & Vending Solution

Our qualified team of Pantry Executives are groomed with etiquettes, manners and above all absolute hygiene standards, so that one can relish their ‘choicest of palates’ to their heart’s content.

Mail & Meeting Room Management

Mailroom solutions provide a single point of entry for all incoming & outgoing documents like scanned paper, photocopies, fax, emails and other documents including mail recording and distribution to the concerned person / department.

Façade Cleaning

A facade of a facility is your company’s first point of contact with the outside world. So, a well-maintained facade becomes a necessity to spread positive vibes about the company. We have incepted innovation in facade cleaning, and can extend automated facade cleaning services, yielding perfect results, besides traditional facade cleaning procedures customized to your requirements along with cost effectiveness.

Stores & Inventory, Carpentry & Key Management, Asset Tagging & Records

Our team of experts maintain records, manage the inventory and carry out periodic tracking of assets to promote efficiency