Automation & IT Enabled Services

Remote Asset Management

We propose remote asset management, real time monitoring services that can benefit the client in efficiently optimizing the energy cost, monitoring and analyzing the same.

Mobile Enabled Facility Management

Our cloud based, use and pay – SaaS model tool can be deployed for managing multiple client contracts of facility management services. It operates without human intervention; hence it extends 100% compliance, audit, traceability and governance.

Social Distancing App

Effective monitoring of whether employees are maintaining social distancing is extremely difficult especially as more and more employees return to work and density increases. One can possibly do this using manpower and monitoring the CCTV feeds but both these approaches are not fully effective and will not scale well especially in large buildings housing thousands of employees.

Our cloud based mobile app helps the admin team to maintain social distancing in cafeteria during lunch and dinner hours. Booking a slot in advance is the need of the hour for desired café footfall.