Reimagining Spaces Differently

Workplace management is rapidly changing, and new patterns are being adopted with greater flexibility for a more personalised experience. Consumers are now becoming more aware of their office environment and building operations. We believe that every touch point is valuable and building brand value is in direct correlation to positive customer experience.

Compass Group India ensures that workplace experience is as per individual preferences that further enhances the user experience. Be it work automation or using other innovative techniques, our enduring set of values and ownership fosters a collaborative work culture.

Returning To Work

In the new normal, Compass Group India as an organisation is adopting new ways of working and reimagining workspaces. We ensure our teams on client sites adhere to all safety parameters and strictly follow precautions like wearing masks, hand hygiene-sanitization, social distancing to create a safe environment for our customers etc.

We’re also offering these additional COVID-19 preventive services for our esteemed clients:

  • Personnel Body Temperature Monitoring Solutions
  • Workspace Disinfection & Employee Assets Sanitization
  • Preventive Material Availability
  • Regular Sensitization Training

We are committed to our client’s collective safety and have ensured that preventive measures are in place.

  • Enhanced deep cleaning and sanitization is carried out at regular intervals using effective disinfectants
  • Regular body temperature monitoring at all entry and exit points using rapid screening equipment
  • We have placed infrared thermal detectors on door frames for continuous screening
  • Our teams have installed Intelligent Dynamic Face Access Controller with 99% accuracy

Across the Group, we have launched communication campaigns for our employees to reinforce existing health and hygiene standards and have reviewed our infection control protocols and crisis management plans in preparedness for further escalations.

  • Advising all operational leaders to be alert to signs of illness within their teams and reinforce ‘if you are ill, stay at home’
  • Updating site noticeboards with either country specific hygiene posters or WHO (World Health Organization) infographics
  • Retraining teams to refresh knowledge and practices on hand washing, hand rubbing with alcohol-based hand sanitiser and hygienic response to coughing/sneezing
  • Reinforcing daily sanitisation protocols at all sites, including surfaces and high human contact points
  • Ensuring adequate supplies and provision of hand sanitisers/disinfectants and disposable personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks and covers at sites